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What makes SD worth so much more than the other providers? I have not seen her, but from the pictures she does not look nearly as good as a most of the competition. Some much less. I have heard mention of a nice incall location. I guess this is a reason I am not Escort classified Enterprise client. Incall for me is either adequate or inadequate, I don't really want to sip champagne metaphor-I don't know if she offers this with her. The going rate has plummeted in the last few years. Now that the prices are lower I only go to escorts.

Maybe she has just not adjusted her prices. The Providers here in Chicago aren't as Cheap in terms of price and aren't as good looking as the ones you have in Cincy. Don't Believe me? Check out the Providers that are Escort classified Enterprise the Chicago B. I am quite sure if nobody or not enough people came to see her price would come down. I am sure she is not posting on her just so she can read her posts.

Free enterprise is great. If she wants to charge it good for her. I was saying her pictures certainly do not warrant it to me. As you said its my opinion. I think there are much better looking providers at less than half her price. And to be honest no matter what her price was I wouldn't see her simply because I don't find her attractive. Yet again that's just my opinion. You have your opinion and I have mine. Thats what america is about.

I am not so sure, what is bothering you people this is a free enterprise system nobody has a gun to your head to tell you to go see her. Hell if she charged Why do you have a problem? Apparently, she is getting it a making a living at it or her prices would not be this high. This is the Escort Classified. Member Discussions thread. I thought this was a legitimate question for this thread. No matter how friendly one phrases a criticism of a provider, there will always be those guys that are like,"how dare you come in here and start shit with such a post, take it to the octogon.

I can't seem to find anyone worth seeing when I have the time to see them.

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They want to drag out the texting or cancel etc. After going back and forth about price I finally said,"Listen, I think we have gotten off on the wrong foot here and even if I were to agree to pay the full hr price I no longer think the session would go well since you are already offended and being defensive. Forgot all about that until now.


Thanks you dear. But you are the best a great friend to have in my corner and I indeed cherish you hope to see you again soon and thanks for all the praise on my looks I'm aware I'm not everyone's cup of tea but I think I'm beautiful as well see ya soon my love thanks for everything and being there when I needed you the most I'll never forget that. There are too many women out there that charge much less. I don't think the hype and the pictures warrant such a price. She may be a nice lady with great skills but not for what she charges.

I have met fantasyfancy in person and she is a doll baby I think. Superior attitude and personality.


And charges much less. I have not experienced her skills yet but going by what I have seen I'm sure they are stellar. The only thing happening with her higher rates is that others are thinking the same thing. And if all of them do it then all of us will look elsewhere. Look around the board and read reviews.

Others on here with awesome reviews for much less. This is only my opinion and I'm sure some will disagree.

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But generally most see it this way. I would rather see 3 a day at a lower rate then 1 or none at a ridiculously high rate. If I think a price shown is too high, I just cross off the possibility. I think it is great that almost all providers give amounts, so that information is out there to be assessed and evaluated.

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In a free market like this one, buyers and sellers can come together in agreement. I thank the gods that there is no government agency determining prices. Just think how foul that would be! Can anyone lend some advice on which to go with? I have contacted 3 girls so far and each one of them has got back to me-this is awesome. I get my loot next week- and boy am I ready-now my only problem is choosing.

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I guess that isn't a big deal-I really have enough for all three for an hour each. But once I choose one, I might not want to go to another. Two of them know my cell and know I want to see some one in the mid next week, so I hate to disappoint a lady.

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May be ill pick the first one I like the most and just take it from there. I really want to be fare to them. Maybe I should have only contacted one-any advise. Personally I am not sure the purpose of this discussion.

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We know she uses nice upscale incall locations which cost more. She also goes for a classy approach and I do not think any one thinks she is going to rip them off. She obviously has a good built up clientele that like what she provides and are willing to pay for it. Maybe once you meet her you find she has a much more inviting and sensual personality. As guys get older a lot of times that becomes much more important. If some of the guys prefer that and can afford it, why does than matter?

Why does anyone feel other guys should view the market the same way they do? Each provider is going to go to the market a certain way. If they all tried to go to that price point there would not be enough hobbiest Escort classified Enterprise that price point to support them all and they would have to drop their price or have very little business.

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I therefore do not feel her price is affecting the market. I also think there are some providers that raise their price or do not work nights because they do not like the clientele they get during those hours or at those prices. I am not saying the question shouldn't be asked. I am just saying I am not sure why it matters to anyone why other guys do not have the same taste as they do. Had a very pleasant dream with a lady who would like to go somewhat utr. She asked that I not add her name, so I will respect that request. She was very personable and great attitude.

Very submissive, although I didn't try anything kinky. BBBJ, cg, and mish to finish.

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Attitude Looks 8. PM for details and contact. Rachel is great, Cassidy is good.

Escort in Nevada

The providers you just mentioned should be asking for roses or more. You should be lucky to have such a variety of providers who low-ball each other.


Some may laugh but I collect and still play almost daily original nintendo and super nintendo. Love those old games.

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Always lookin if anyone is selling them. All times are GMT The time now is ZIP: 89178 89183 89054 89139 89141 89148 89113 89118 89119 89123

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